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Anybody ever play Catherine?

Wanna go over techniques?!

I really suck at puzzles games like this one, so I watched a dear friend of mine play through it for me for my amusement…And mild horror. I really hated the characters at first, but they sort of grew on me after awhile. Good game. We got the “Chaotic” ending, but no spoilers here!

Also, I think these particular baddies look like meatballs, but I’m a big fan of unicorns that aren’t really unicorns so….

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    I don’t think I’d have the patience for those puzzles either. Kind of reminds me of begging her to play Fire and Ice for...
  2. tanukitsune said: Wait, I thought everybody was a sheep in that world?
  3. soozarts said: Chaotic ending is the best ending.
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